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Documentary of Elite Characters in Huizhou Merchants: Yansong Zha

2017-2-21   Huizhou Merchants of The World


      The road to development
      Yan Song Zha was born in 1975 in Anhui Taihu. Kuaierjie Logistics was founded in 2004. December 16, 2016, Jiangsu Kuaierjie Logistics Co., Ltd. in the new three board successfully listed (stock code: 870287). Kuaierjie Logistics is a business in China's East China to warehousing services, dangerous goods transport, refrigeration, loading and unloading and other business-oriented, set international freight, motor transport, air transport agents, terminal distribution, supply chain management, logistics consulting As one of the integrated third-party logistics company. Fast and efficient development in recent years, in 2016 was also China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing as "2016 China's top 100 logistics and chemical industry enterprises." The listing marks the company has stepped onto a new level of development, towards becoming China's chemical industry leader in the goal of moving forward.

      This is also the Suzhou City, Anhui Chamber of Commerce since the establishment of the second rise of the listed companies.

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